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Absolute Computer Solutions appreciates and understands the frustrations often experienced by clients when things go wrong and to this end developed a unique online, realtime logging application to record, monitor, track and feedback each and every case worked on.

The application informs a technician via sms as soon as a case is logged thereby ensuring immediate feedback and communication with the client. Cases are closely monitored and to ensure proper resolution, each case must be signed off by the client.

The application is easy to use, transparent, simple by design and incorporates sms and e-mail communication for effective and fast response times.

If you are not yet registered on the online logging application please contact us for assistance or call our helpdesk on  021 461 0909 .

We are committed to providing our clients with the very best of service and are always available to assist, whether onsite or via remote access. Please contact us if we can be of service to you.

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