Absolute Cloud Backup

Protect your business's valuable data with Absolute Cloud Backup Services.

Absolute Cloud Backup Services provides you with scheduled, encrypted backups of your critical company data to our secure data centre.

Features and Benefits:

Off-site - Cloud based backups means your data is protected regardless of what happens to your office IT infrastructure.

Scheduled Backups - Automated backups run at optimum times without any user intervention. Reporting is also automated.

Highly Encrypted - Your data transmission and storage off-site is secure and accessible by authorised users only.

Efficient - Our Intelli-Delta Technology (based on the powerful and proven RSYNC algorithm) ensures that after the first 'seed' backup, only changes in the files and folders are backed up. This optimises your bandwidth and storage utilisation and improves backup performance while still giving you the abiltiy to restore 'point in time' versions and deleted files and folders.

Versatile - Backup for MS SQL Server, MS Exchange, Active Directory, Documents, Outlook, Browser settings, etc - Absolute Cloud Backup Services covers them all on one comprehensive package.

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