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Absolute Hospitality application Altrix is the complete IP-based Intelligent Communications System designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry. Altrix caters for Resorts, Hotels, Guest houses and Lodges that have anywhere between 10 to 10 000 rooms. There are a number of modules and sub-systems, many of which can operate autonomously, and are designed to seamlessly integrate, to provide the facility with superior, cohesive and intelligent communications including Voice, Data, Video/IPTV, Security Surveillance and Access control.

The following are included in the Altrix package:
  • Altrix PBX: an IP/VOIP based PBX telephone system that supports both analogue and IP phones, offering all the standard functionality, yet includes a comprehensive list of advanced features.
  • Altrix Roaming: similar to a 'cell phone' type network that allows staff that must be contactable at all times to carry a DECT based cordless handset while roaming around the facility.
  • Altrix Hotspot System: provides internet connectivity and can be installed to cover all public areas including the lobby, restaurants, lounges etc.
  • Altrix Guest Internet System: enables smart internet connectivity to guests in their rooms.
  • Altrix Security and Access System: Intercom and door coded access devices are installed at all public entrances of the facility.
  • Altrix Surveillance System: IP Cameras can be connected to the system, monitoring key areas and recording video on the video server.

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