Absolute VPN

  • Are you looking for seamless integration of remote branches?
  • Are you experiencing connectivity problems?
  • Is your company looking for a cost effective, secure and reliable way of connecting external individuals/computers to your organisation?

Absolute VPN (virtual private network) is a sensible alternative to the Diginet and ADSL VPN solutions, offering a fast, secure, reliable, cost effective and unlimited bandwidth solution.

Absolute VPN provides a fully managed and monitored VPN infrastructure. Because the entire network is under our control, with no 3rd party vendor dependency (e.g. Telkom), support and problem resolution is handled without external constraints or delays.

This is the ideal solution for centralised network and database control, remote administration and support, software distribution and remote installations, online or offsite backups and inter branch VOIP (voice over internet protocol).

Absolute VPN speeds from 1Mbps to 12Mbps, with all links having equal upload and download speeds. Faster VPN speeds (currently up to 40Mbps) are available on request.

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